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Chemin De Montigny

Route De l'aigle

27250 Rugles

Upper Normandy, France 

Tel: 01590 462007

E-Mail: roley@wintonsfrance.co.uk

E-Mail: clare@wintonsfrance.co.uk

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- Vehicle access to all swims

- Modern toilets and showers

- Charging area with English sockets

- Excellent food packages

- Freezers for bait

- Tackle shop

- Free Wifi

- Local supermarkets and shops

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- Boillies - Winton's specials

- Pellet - Purchased on-site​

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We believe that our carp will get caught on all quality baits at some stage, however, we have realised that the majority of our fish are caught on our own specially rolled lake bait. The contents of our bait have been carefully put together for us by an experienced bait manufacturer in England. This bait is the main diet of our fish with approximately 2 to 3 tons going in every year. We would recommend using it at Wintons as it does catch the fish, but the choice is yours. However, we do insist that any bait brought onto the fishery is fresh. Hookbaits such as pop ups and wafters etc are fine. We only sell fresh baits on site and if the lake bait is required, it must be pre-ordered so that it is available on your arrival. We will have some spare bait available but preordering is advisable.


No particles of any description are to be brought onto the fishery. 


Due to the fact that the majority of our fish have been reared at some point on pellets, it’s no wonder that we supply a vast amount to the anglers visiting our fishery. It also saves on weight and limited space when travelling from England. You are more than welcome to use your own pellet if you desire. These pellets need to be pre-ordered but there is usually a good stock on site if you require some more. Pellets will be sold in 10kg bags only.



We also supply freshly cooked maize that we feed to the fish through the winter months. This maize needs to be pre-ordered so that it is ready on your arrival, but there is usually a good stock on site if you require some more.


Maize will be sold in 10KG buckets only.


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