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Fish rules

  1. To stop the spread of disease, we will provide unhooking cradles, retention slings and water buckets.  You will need to bring your own dry landing net.  Every angler must have a bottle of Klinik or similar carp care antiseptic.

  2. Before lifting any fish from the water, it is to be transferred to the retainer sling, making sure all fins are flat to its body. It is to be weighed on the weigh post above the cradle and returned to the water in the swim from which it was caught. Please ensure that fish are kept wet at all times. Please do not store water in the buckets, use fresh water as warm water can kill the fish.

  3. The retainer is to be used for short periods only, not overnight for a daylight photo. Leave the fish in the retainer in the water for 10-15 mins to recover before it is released.

  4. Barbless or micro-barb hooks only. No bent hook rigs, long Curve shank hooks, or 360 rigs to be used. Ronnie Rigs are allowed.

  5. No fixed leads or running rigs. Lead clips or drop off in-lines only.

  6. Braided main line and shock leaders of any description are not permitted.

  7. No lead core leaders of any kind are to be used. Anti-tangle tubing and other lead free leaders can be used, preferably 24" in length. This protects the fish from losing scales and also protects your mainline from any sharp stones on the lakebed. Mainline must have a minimum breaking strain of 15lbs.

  8. No unattended rods at any time. Random rig checks may be carried out.

  9. Please do not pull for breaks if your line becomes snagged, report to the bailiff. Any lost fish due to snags must also be reported.

  10. Strictly no marking or mutilation of the fish will be tolerated; offenders will be removed and prosecuted under French law.

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